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vehicle diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics

vehicle diagnostics

The modern vehicle is a complex piece of machinery, with almost every function having a computer controller that alerts you to a possible problem by illuminating a warning light on your dashboard. 

To gain a deeper understanding of possible problems, bring your vehicle to Penning’s Diagnostics Centre. You’ll get expert advice and a precise diagnosis of exactly what is wrong and what needs to be repaired or replaced.

No matter what the make and model, our diagnostic machines are calibrated to plug straight into the computer in your vehicle. Within minutes a printout will give a thorough review of any problems and recommend the corrective actions required. Our Rapid Service Centre is available to ensure that all repairs are carried out quickly, efficiently and at an affordable cost. It’s all part of Penning’s outstanding service, designed to get you back on the road, in a vehicle that’s fully functional and safe. After all, providing great customer service is the basis of everything we do.

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