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Mercedes SL65 AMG Black - Pennings Design

When Pennings Accident Repair were approached to build a Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series Conversion we were fairly sceptical to say the least but neither the less intrigued.

And after careful consideration and concise planning for say 30 seconds the answer was YES of course we can and we will do it well.

Being vehicle enthusiasts how could we say no, and so the conversion began. The conversion turned into more like a build with our productive technicians creating there own masterpiece.

There were teething problems along the way, the panel and paint preparation took months not days and the final fitment was tricky but the end result is truly outstanding.

This was the first conversion of now many in the pipe line, Pennings now offer a full personalisation package to our clients. We digitally master a portfolio with every vehicle each receiving exceptional attention to every detail.

Our business founder personally signs off each build and carries out an individual client hand over package.

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Pennings Milton Keynes 1st Car

Here at Pennings Milton Keynes we have the most up to date and advanced equipment so when we recieved this Toyota Aygo, we welcomed the challenge to repair it instead of cutting and pasting.

We used a Digispot Slimliner which uses the most up to date welding technology and the results speak louder than any words that can be typed.

Our Technician Tony did an amazing job with it and the new kit and the customer was delighted to see their pride and joy returned looking immaculate.

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Ford Escort Mexico - Update 22/12/2014

At Pennings we pride ourselves on our repairs but also our restoration work. Here is a sneaky peak at something in the Leighton Buzzard work shop at the moment!

Those with a keen eye will know instantly what it is without reading the title but for the rest of you......

Watch this space for further updates

The new vibrant colour is now apparent. The engine bay and the inner arches have been sprayed.

The underside of the car has been sprayed with a mixture protecting it from future rust, stone chips and general road debris. It also helps to eliminate body rattles giving the car longevity.

Update 16/12/2014
The car has now had the roll cage painted in the same incredible colour as the car will be. The boot and internal flooring area has also been sprayed in a durable paint to make those particular areas, hard wearing and durable to stand the strains of day to day use.

Update 22/12/2014
So with only a few days before Christmas, the shell of the car is finished and has been transformed into a gleaming beauty ready for the doors, bonnet and boot to be fixed to.

The mechanics are being carried out elsewhere on this occasion but keep watching for the final photos of this classic!

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