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how to get a quote

Obtaining a quote for repairs at Penning’s is fast and efficient…. and as convenient to you the customer as we can make it.

When an insurance company is involved, a quote for the full cost of repair is always required and the repair process cannot proceed until authorisation has been received from them. At Penning’s, this process is as efficient as possible, as we have direct email access to all major insurance providers.

We use digital imaging equipment to assist in estimating the cost of a repair. This process allows pictures of your damaged vehicle to be sent directly to your Insurance Company via the internet and email, so repair authorisation can be obtained in a matter of minutes.

A quote can be obtained in person by taking your vehicle to any of our garages, or for the ultimate convenience complete our online quote form.  Take photographs of the damage to your vehicle, send these with the completed online form – and we shall respond within 24 hours.

Using these fast, efficient and innovative processes, Penning’s leads the industry in ensuring that your vehicle is repaired in the shortest time possible and with the minimum inconvenience.

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